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Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Donations

Supporting FAST

Help us to continue to preserve the unique aeronautical heritage of Farnborough

FAST is a registered charity (Reg No 1040199) and a fully accredited national museum.  Its work to preserve and promote Farnborough's great heritage in aviation science is entirely volunteer-led and self-funded.

FAST is funded through the activities of its Trustees and supporting members' association (FASTA), supplemented by Corporate donations and donations from the general public.  Additional sponsorship and grants are actively sought, alongside fund-raising events, museum hosting and shop sales.

FAST relies on your donations, membership fees and volunteer help to survive.   So please help us continue to safeguard our priceless aviation heritage.

If you are a UK taxpayer. FAST can make your gift go even further, at no additional cost to you, through the Gift Aid Scheme. For every pound you give us, we can claim an extra 25p. For example, a donation of £20 becomes £25with gift aid at no extra cost to you. Please return to our Donation page and select the Donation with GiftAid link.


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