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Participant UK is now LetsReg

Booking system for
  • appointments
  • pitch rental
  • meeting rooms
  • consultations
  • services
  • private tuition
  • counselling
  • sports equipment
  • premises

  • Integrated payment
  • Flexible booking
  • UK support
  • Experience since 2000

Website booking system with payment

Make digital booking calendars where your customers can book the desired time, pay in advance and receive an automatic follow-up.
Spend your time on customers, while booking and payment take care of themselves.

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Fewer no-shows with

Appointment booking

By letting the customer find their desired time directly in the booking calendar you will get more correct bookings. The website booking system will send an calender invite with or without a link to a Teams meeting.

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Automate your everyday life

Calendar booking for facilities, venue and asset hire

You can keep full control over who wants to hire your facilities, venue or assets, by sharing the calendar in the network you want. Let the calendar handle the bookings and receive payment in advance.

More about booking for hire

Everything you need for booking, and a little more...

  • Appointment Booking

    Appointment booking integrated with calendar and payment solution.
  • Rental

    Make money from what is unused.  Let the calendar handle the bookings.
  • Integrated payment

    Receive advance payment through a flexible payment solution, with the highest level of PCI compliance.
  • Booking Website

    Create your own booking pages for your services and share them in your chosen networks.
  • Integrate Into Your Own Channels

    Make it easy for your customers to find you.
  • Predictable Bookings

    Define rules for how long in advance an appointment can be booked.
  • Always Updated

    Full overview of your bookings, updated in real time.
  • Automatic Follow-up

    The booking system sends order confirmations and meeting invitations, so you can focus on other things.
  • Pitch Booking

    Split up your premises into several rental properties with automatic logistics management.
  • Customised Receipts

    Add further information to your order confirmation, sent by email.
  • Refund Payments

    Make refunding easy.

Booking solution

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Easier than you think

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Once you've registered, it's easy to set up a booking page and share it with the world. You can then let the website booking system accept bookings and payments, so that you can spend your time on other things.

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