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Participant UK is now LetsReg

  • Event booking
  • Calendar booking
  • Event ticketing
  • Appointment booking
  • Pitch hire
  • Venue hire
  • Facilities hire

with flexible payment

  • Integrated payment
  • Flexible booking
  • UK support
  • Experience since 2000

Booking system with payment

The LetsReg online booking system makes it easy to manage payments.
It's easy for your customers to find the payment option that suits them. And it's easy for you to manage.

Safe, secure, reliable and simple - It's the LetsReg payment solution.

Event booking system

For over 20 years, we have worked closely with our organisers to be able to offer the most flexible booking system with payment on the market. Whether you plan simple events, or need comprehensive solutions for your business, our aim is to make it efficient for you to be an organiser.

Check out event booking

Calendar booking system

Reduce the time you spend managing appointments and rentals. Let the customer find a free time and pay in advance. With useful functions such as integration with the Outlook calendar and Microsoft teams, you let the system keep control of the follow-up of your customers automatically.

Dive into the calendar booking system

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All type of booking, available in one platform

  • Registration form

    Obtain the information you need from your participants and sell additional products easily in the form.

  • Customised Receipts

    Add further information to your order confirmation, sent by email.
  • Consent Form

    Receive consent for terms and conditions and keep control of your bookers.
  • Waiting List

    Activate automatic waiting lists for your events, price categories or additional options.
  • Invitation

    Invite your customers, or send out personal invitations to closed registration pages.
  • Transfer Tool

    Move your customers easily between events, e.g., if somebody has booked the incorrect one.
  • Recurring Event

    Spend less time setting up events by copying or populating your existing events with the push of a button.
  • Reports

    The overview you need, updated in real time.
  • Support

    Our most important job is to help you with your needs to achieve your goals.
  • LetsReg Search Page

    Make your events visible on our search page.  With your own URL builder, you can filter our your events for your own use.
  • Appointment Booking

    Appointment booking integrated with calendar and payment solution.
  • Rental

    Make money from what is unused.  Let the calendar handle the bookings.
  • Predictable Bookings

    Define rules for how long in advance an appointment can be booked.
  • Predictable Prepayment

    Let the customer book and pay at the same time, so you don't have to think about invoicing and the associated admin burden.
  • Booking Website

    Create your own booking pages for your services and share them in your chosen networks.
  • Integrated With Your Calendar

    Let the system update your calendar automatically.

    Integration with Outlook.
  • Integrate Into Your Own Channels

    Make it easy for your customers to find you.
  • Always Updated

    Full overview of your bookings, updated in real time.
  • Pitch Booking

    Split up your premises into several rental properties with automatic logistics management.
  • Automatic Follow-up

    The booking system sends order confirmations and meeting invitations, so you can focus on other things.
  • Refund Payments

    Make refunding easy.
  • Consent Form

    Receive consent for terms and conditions and keep control of your bookers.
  • Early Bird pricing

    Offer a discounted price before a specific date, and set the system to automatically switch to the full price.
  • VAT package price

    Add several price components including VAT in a price package
  • Weekly Payout

    Auditor-approved payment reports, which go directly into the accounts.
  • Payment solution

    Safe and flexible payment options, weekly auditor-approved vouchers that make accounting a little easier.

  • Gift Card

    Create unique promotional codes or open up the purchase of gift cards.
  • Refund Payments

    Make refunding easy.
  • Card Payment

    Efficient and flexible card payments.
  • Partial Payment

    Arrange payment plans, such as partial payment or recurring withdrawals.
  • Discount Codes

    Add discounts and promotional codes.
  • Auditor-Approved Payment Report

    Receive a weekly settlement report and payment directly into one or more bank accounts.
All functions Pricing

Over 20,000 customers can't be wrong

A&B Leisure

My administration time is heavily reduced and the nature of the online booking form enables us to promote each session on Facebook.
Bradley Richardson, Business Owner

Logo British Army Polo

British Army Polo

In short I highly recommend their service to you, it will greatly ease Club's records and save a lot of administration time.
Simon Ledger, Director at Army Polo

Logo excelR8


I'd like to say a massive thank you to LetsReg for the way in which it has made our services much more accessible to parents. We have received fantastic feedback and the support is very professional.
Satish Kumar, Director at ExcelR8 SCE CIC

Logo Norwich City Community Sports Foundation

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation

Our customers are already finding that completing a payment is much quicker. Our back office admin has been reduced from 15 minutes per booking to 2 minutes.
Dan Crouch, Contracts and Performance Manager

Logo St Josephs Catholic Primary School

St Josephs Catholic Primary School

We have finally found a solution to manage over 20 after school clubs each week. We wish we had found it sooner!
Nicola Boswell, Teacher and Coordinator

Tedworth Park Polo Club

The system has enabled us to create a register of attendees for each event as well as reduce the amount of time spent dealing with registrations on the telephone and via email.
Carole Nelson, Club Secretary

Logo Albion foundation

The Albion Foundation

We have seen a reduction in the amount of administration which has enabled us to focus on other aspects of the charity. 
Rob Lake, Director

Logo The Beacon

The Beacon

LetsReg has proved extremely useful for managing our after school clubs, holiday programmes, charity events and more. In addition, excellent customer service has helped us remedy any issues quickly.
Geraldine Bland, Events Co-ordinator

Logo the FA

The FA

It has been incredibly successful for us and extremely well received by all the Clubs completing the application and making payment of the entry fees online within minutes!
Scott Bolton, FA Competitions Officer

The Norwegian Hunter and Fishing Association logo

The Norwegian Hunter and Fishing Association

A secure and efficient payment solution means that the income comes directly to each association in advance of the events and simplifies administration and accounting.

Rolf Crook, IT manager

Logo the shots

The Shots Foundation

We are able to create a register of attendees for each event, hold emergency contact details and reduce the amount of time spent dealing with registrations on the telephone and email.
John Monday, Foundation General Manager

Logo Vale gymnastics

Vale Gymnastics

Being able to control our income enabled us to manage our cash flow and has had a huge impact on the growth of our club. LetsReg is easy to use and adaptable and has saved us at least 15 hours per week of administrative work.
Nathan Mullett, Vale Gymnastics

Logo Wokingham Fireworks Charitable Trust

Wokingham Fireworks Charitable Trust

By using LetsReg QR code service we were able to check the validity of attendees 'tickets' and the booking system assisted with managing crowd capacity. We would recommend them, without hesitation, for any event you are planning.
Steve Mullen, Wokingham Fireworks Charitable Trust

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