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    Enter event details, such as title, date and time, location and registration deadline.

  • 2

    Create a design by choosing the appearance of the booking page and adding an image.

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    Create a description for the event. Then add fields to the registration form to choose which information you require from the participants, usually name, e-mail, mobile and consent.

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    Choose how the activity should be published and share the link so that you can start accepting registrations and payments.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get started?

    Before you create your event(s), on LetsReg, you will need to create an organiser account. Here you will need to fill out your information, organisation name and account number; the latter is required so that we can pay money to you.


    Once you have registered your account, you will be sent directly to the LetsReg system as an administrator. Here you will be able to create your event(s). Once you have created your first event, you can start receiving sign-ups and payments straight away – simply share the link to your event on the relevant channels.

  • Can I copy a previous event when setting up a new one?

    LetsReg enables you to re-use your previous events as a template for future events.  From the menu on the left side, select ‘Add/Copy’ and then ‘Copy Previous’ to reuse a previously registered event.



    You will then be able to choose from any previous event, from a menu which is sorted yearly.



    You can then amend the details of the event to match the requirements of your new one, whilst saving time on the areas that do not need to be changed.

  • How can I access and download my registers?

    LetsReg enables you to access registers of your attendees online, with the option to view a tailored register per event, or an overall registrations list.


    Tailored list:



    Overall registrations list:



    You can export both the tailored list and overall registrations list to Excel or as a PDF at the click of a button.



    You will be provided with the option to run a standard export (including all predetermined information) or an advanced export, which enables you to choose which information you wish to export to the spreadsheet.



    In addition to these reports, you will also be able to access refund reports.

  • What is the cost of using LetsReg?

    LetsReg offers three payment models, enabling you to choose the option that best suits your requirements.


    With LetsReg Go, you can create a free account with no fixed costs.  The transaction fee is £1 per registration (plus VAT) and a 3.9% payment processing fee, also applied per registration.

  • How do I add more users to my organiser account?

    You can give new users access to your organiser account, or give access to an already existing user.


    1. From the menu on the left of your organiser account, follow ‘Administration’ and click ‘Add user’

    2. You will then get to the page ‘Add new user’


    Enter the following information about the new user:

    • E-mail address: Add the e-mail address which the user will use
    • Password: Assign the user a password. If the person already has an account with us, the existing password will not be changed
    • First name: Enter the first name of the person
      Last name: Enter the last name of the person
    • Role: Here you choose which role the new user should have. Read this help article for further explanation of roles


    The added user will show up in the overview under ‘Administration’ –> ‘View users’.