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Participant UK is now LetsReg

Pitch Booking

Split up your premises into several pitch hire properties with automatic logistics management.

  • Integrated payment
  • Flexible booking
  • UK support
  • Experience since 2000

Maximize your revenue with Pitch hire

Efficient booking management ensures that your pitches are utilized to their full potential. By reducing downtime and optimizing booking schedules, you can increase your revenue from pitch hire. At LetsReg, we offer a seamless and efficient booking system designed to give you full control over your pitch bookings.

Utilize your venues

Make it easy for your customers to find the time that suits them and desired pitch size. With flexible payment options you will make it easy to make advance payment directly without having to contact you. Automate the booking experience for your customers, without additional work.

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More bookings, less admin

With LetsReg, the calendar handles all bookings for you, so that you avoid double bookings. With simple solutions for opening hours, approve bookings and real-time reporting, you are in full control.

Frequently asked questions about Pitch booking

  • Can I differentiate the price according to pitch size?

    Yes. When you set up your prices, you can link the price to different pitch sizes.

  • Can the costumer select between different pitch sizes?

    Yes. When you set up your booking page, you define which pitch options you would like to give your costumers.

    As an example you can choose both Full, 1/2 and 1/4 pitch for one booking page.

    The same pitches you define, will also be available for your customers at your online booking page.

  • How do i set up my first bookingpage?

    After you have set up a free account on LetsReg, you get immediate access to our calendar booking system.

    You will easily get started with your first setup by following a step-by-step setup. If you want an explanation of how to get started, please read our user guide here.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is completely free to set up an account on LetsReg. LetsReg Go is offered as a Pay-as-you-go solution and there are therefore no fixed costs. In our standard, you get access to all the functions you need to, among other things, create calendar bookings for pitch hire.

    We will only deduct our fees if you receive bookings, no bookings no costs. It is therefore completely free to test out our solutions. Please see our price list for more information on our transaction prices.

What you need, and then some

  • Booking Solution

    Customised appointment booking and rental. Integrated with calendar and payment solution.
  • Payment solution

    Safe and flexible payment options, weekly auditor-approved vouchers that make accounting a little easier.

  • Booking Website

    Create your own booking pages for your services and share them in your chosen networks.
  • Automatic Follow-up

    The booking system sends order confirmations and meeting invitations, so you can focus on other things.
  • Predictable Prepayment

    Let the customer book and pay at the same time, so you don't have to think about invoicing and the associated admin burden.
  • Refund Payments

    Make refunding easy.
  • Auditor-Approved Payment Report

    Receive a weekly settlement report and payment directly into one or more bank accounts.
  • Integrate Into Your Own Channels

    Make it easy for your customers to find you.
  • Always Updated

    Full overview of your bookings, updated in real time.
  • Integrated With Your Calendar

    Let the system update your calendar automatically.

    Integration with Outlook.
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