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Participant UK is now LetsReg

Event ticketing system
  • festivals
  • conferences
  • fireworks events
  • concerts
  • QR code check-in

Illustration of event ticketing system
  • Integrated payment
  • Flexible booking
  • UK support
  • Experience since 2000

How it works

  • 1

    Set up the event

    Create and customise your event ticketing page with our easy set-up. Choose questions to ask your attendees, upload your logo and set your pricing.

  • 2

    Switch on QR codes

    Use our QR code functionality in the event ticketing system to include a code for each attendee booking onto your event. You can include QR codes for the overall order, individual attendees, or both.

  • 3

    Scan in attendees on arrival

    Download the LetsReg app in advance of your event, and use the smart scanner to check-in your attendees using the QR codes within their order confirmations as they arrive.

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Everything you would need, and then some

Wokingham charity

Great success

By using LetsReg's QR code service we were able to check the validity of attendees 'tickets' and the booking system assisted with managing crowd capacity. We were delighted with the service levels provided by LetsReg and would recommend them, without hesitation, for any event you are planning.

Steve Mullen, Wokingham Fireworks Charitable Trust.

QR code scanning

Checkin participant with the app

If you're in need of a simple solution to scan tickets on your next event - look no further. With LetsReg app you will be able to checkin participants in no time.

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