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How to increase income on your courses?

2 minutes read
Illustrasjon som viser vekst med mynter og en pil

Course organisers who offer partial payment experience a greater willingness to pay among participants and more registrants. In tough economic times, there are many participants waiting to sign up for events and courses. If you offer partial payment, you give even more participants the opportunity to take part in your event.

Greater willingness to pay when splitting payment

Most online stores offer deferment of payment and the possibility of repayment. This has changed consumers’ buying patterns, and we see the same for events and special courses. Organisers who offer some form of split payment experience less drop-out in participation, which results in a more stable economy. By offering payment plans or down payments, you give your participants an easier choice and the decision-making process is shorter. Flexible payment options can quickly have a positive effect and increase income on your courses.

Increase income with partial payment

By distributing the income, you can plan your expenses better, but at the same time you may have a slightly higher fee of per withdrawal. This can contribute to increased income on your courses. The total income of participants who use the payment plan can be used to cover various costs related to the entire event. At the same time, it will require more administration to offer partial payment. Participants who forget to pay must be followed up, and this may require more resources. You can solve this by using a system that handles partial payment, so that you have less work managing payment and follow-up. By planning well and using a simple payment solution, you will be able to increase your total income.

Attract more participants

For attendees, flexible payment options can help give the event a more professional and reliable feel. When they see that the payment process is well managed, it can give them more confidence in the organisers and the event in general. This can contribute to increased participation and a greater probability of a successful event. By promoting your courses in channels where participants can share the link to your courses, you can attract new participants. The best advertising you can get is satisfied participants who recommend your courses to others.

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